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Leaking Bathtubs and Shower Trays? We Will Fix It

Problem wet areas in the house are a typical event and most of the time, they tend to be high use areas such as the cooking area sink and the bathroom.

Hisomley Bath Sealing Specialists - Find Bath Sealers In the Wiltshire area

Whereas the cooking area tends to be more manageable and the issues fairly solvable, the shower room can be far more difficult to manage when it starts causing issues. This could be the time you need to call in a professional in your Hisomley Wiltshire South West area.

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Considering that the shower room tends to be a highly damp location due to a fair quantity of water being splashed around while bathing, it can start to reveal some signs of wear and tear in susceptible places. These are usually in the seams where a shower tray or bath tub joins the wall tiles.

Absence of proper sealing on the edges of bathrooms and shower trays can present a substantial difficulty as they can be the weak point where the water and mould ultimately wear down and begin leaking water through and slowly damaging plasterboards.

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A common symptom of this circumstance includes a moist smell in the shower room. Often, it can manifest on the lower levels first. A stain mark will appear on the ceiling panels as a result of taking in water from the shower room leakages above. Apart from such a stain being an eyesore, there is an impending danger if there are electrical wires near to the boards.

Such a leak would need to be resolved rapidly by identifying the real dripping location and rectifying at the earliest opportunity to prevent any risk from intensifying.

These sort of issues are common in shower room areas for 2 main factors. One is usually improper setup and insufficient sealing of the edges of tubs and shower trays. The other might be as a result of ageing.

Some plumbing technicians might fail to choose the optimum possible location for setting up a shower tray or bath tub which can cause dripping issues later on. For instance, a shower head put in an area near to the window might result in the shower sprays falling on the window sill and standing there.

This can present a future issue simply because if the grouting or sealer utilised there is not waterproof and is considered ‘porous’, water will seep in and make its way down to the underlying plaster and lumber.

During construction and repair work, it’s the best idea to make sure that your contractor or technician uses top quality waterproof grout and silicone in your shower room as water tends to reach unanticipated places in the shower room during a shower.

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When it pertains to tubs, a typical and frequent issue for the majority of tubs appears to be caulking or sealing which cracks repeatedly. Some homeowners are shocked. The silicon fractures or tends to retreat from the wall after a couple of months.
Bead size has a lot to do with it. That the width of the opening in between the bath tub and the wall is unequal means that there will be areas that are larger while others are narrower, making it hard to decide the right size bead to use.

If you use a larger bead, then you wind up having an overflow in the narrower section without the silicon finding its way into the space. When you go with a smaller sized bead, your silicon winds up being ineffective in the bigger areas due to the fact that it vanishes into the area without filling it.

The majority of homeowners have actually shared that while choosing on DIY, they are careful to prep the location to counter any wetness by thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning up with alcohol and letting it dry out for a couple of days before the caulking. In spite of this the majority of people are doing a decent job, but they still lament that it fails much quicker than they could have desired.

One technique is to make sure that you fill the bath tub with water before caulking. This makes sure that the tub is at its optimum weight and extended to leave an optimum space. As soon as you do, the silicon has a better opportunity of remaining in its place for longer, presuming you have actually done the preparation work well.

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Shower Tray Problems

In some cases when handling a leaking shower tray, we have actually had to get rid of the tiles around the perimeter of the tray. Further examination usually reveals damp plywood that is greatly water damaged particularly if it is not WPB marine plywood.
In one circumstance, we noticed that the perimeter of the shower tray still had the plastic covering that it came in. It is such things that make it obvious that the initial installer was what we describe as a cowboy contractor, indicating they did a lousy fitting.

Sadly for the property owner, something that ought to have simply been a fairly straightforward repairing task, ends up being a major task, and you wouldn’t desire another cowboy contractor bungling the repair work.

Contracting a highly regarded, precise and proficient technician is essential in restoring a now complicated matter without costing you an arm and a leg.

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To this day, we’ve dealt with many straightforward cases where carrying out thorough cleansing and using a tube of silicon around the dripping edges has fixed the issues.
However in some instances, we found the issue to have actually gone deeper, particularly when the setup was not done properly and substandard products were utilised.

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Why Seek The Help of Professionals?
As seasoned professionals in shower room repair work and remodelling, we have actually worked on many cases and observed the damage that is caused by a leaking bath tub or shower tray. Usually, it’s very expensive if not sorted out on time.

Although one can attempt and do a patch repair on it before the technician arrives, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional.

Every circumstance is so variale, however after cautious evaluation of the issue, our experts will be able to supply you with a practical option that will resolve your leaking tub or tray for a very long time to come.

It can end up being fairly hard to detail how to repair a leaking bath tub or shower tray step by step due to the fact that the situations are so diverse.

Nevertheless, exactly what you can be assured of when you call us in is that we will take a look at the issue, give you a precise diagnosis, then, based on that, supply an option(s) that will rid you of the leaking issue for the longest time.

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