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Leaky Bathtubs and Shower Trays? We Will Fix It

Problem wet locations in your house are a common incident and most of the time, they tend to be high usage locations such as the kitchen sink and the bathroom.

Bath Shower Sealing Specialists - Find Bath Sealers In the Somerset area

Whereas the kitchen tends to be more workable and the problems fairly easy to fix, the bathroom can be way harder to handle when it starts presenting problems. This could be the time you need to call in a professional in your Bath Somerset South West area.

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Given that the bathroom tends to be an extremely wet area due to a reasonable quantity of water being splashed while bathing, it can start to reveal some signs of wear and tear in susceptible places. These are usually in the seams where a shower tray or bathtub adjoins the wall tiles.

Absence of correct sealing on the edges of bathrooms and shower trays can prove to be a big difficulty as they can be the vulnerable point where the water and mould ultimately erode and start leaking water through and slowly damaging plasterboards.

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A common sign of this situation consists of a wet smell in the bathroom. Often, it can manifest on the lower levels first. A stain mark will show up on the ceiling panels as a result of taking in water from the bathroom leakages above. Apart from such a stain being an eyesore, there is an impending risk if there are electric wires near the boards.

Such a leakage would need to be dealt with rapidly by identifying the real dripping area and remedying at the earliest opportunity to prevent any danger from escalating.

These sort of problems are common in bathroom locations for 2 main factors. One is usually inappropriate setup and inadequate sealing of the edges of tubs and shower trays. The other may be as a result of aging.

Some plumbing technicians may fail to select the optimum possible place for setting up a shower tray or bathtub which can cause dripping problems later on. For instance, a shower head placed in a location near the window may lead to the shower sprays falling on the window sill and standing there.

This can provide a future issue just because if the grouting or sealer used there is not water resistant and is thought to be ‘permeable’, water will permeate in and make its way to the underlying plaster and timber.

During building and repair, it’s best to guarantee that your builder or repairman utilises top quality water resistant grout and silicone in your bathroom as water tends to reach unforeseen places in the bathroom after a shower.

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Bath Shower SealingBath Shower Sealing Specialists - Find Bath Sealers In the Somerset area

When it comes to tubs, a common and frequent issue for many tubs appears to be caulking or sealing which cracks repeatedly. Some house owners are surprised. The silicon cracks or tends to retreat from the wall after a number of months.
Bead size has a lot to do with it. That the width of the opening in between the bathtub and the wall is unequal means there will be sections that are larger while others are narrower, making it tough to decide the right size bead to utilise.

If you utilise a larger bead, then you end up having an overflow in the narrower area without the silicon finding its direction into the space. When you choose a smaller sized bead, your silicon ends up being ineffective in the larger spaces since it vanishes into the space without filling it.

Many house owners have actually shared that while opting on DIY, they are careful to prep the area to counter any wetness by thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning with alcohol and letting it dry for a number of days prior to the caulking. Regardless of this many people are doing a decent job, but they still lament that it stops working way earlier than they would have desired.

One trick is to make sure that you fill the bathtub with water prior to caulking. This makes sure that the tub is at its optimal weight and stretched out to leave an optimal space. When you do, the silicon has a much better possibility of remaining in its place for longer, presuming you have actually done the prep work well.

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Shower Tray Problems

In many cases when handling a leaky shower tray, we have actually needed to remove the tiles around the border of the tray. More examination usually reveals moist plywood that is heavily water damaged specifically if it is not WPB marine plywood.
In one circumstance, we saw that the border of the shower tray still had the plastic wrapping that it was delivered in. It is such things that make it apparent that the preliminary installer was what we refer to as a cowboy builder, implying they did a poor fitting.

Regrettably for the property owner, something that should have just been a fairly uncomplicated repairing task, ends up being a big job, and you wouldn’t desire another cowboy builder bungling the repair.

Contracting a highly regarded, careful and proficient repairman is crucial in salvaging an already complex matter without costing you an arm and a leg.

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To this day, we’ve handled many uncomplicated cases where carrying out thorough cleansing and using a tube of silicon around the dripping edges has actually dealt with the problems.
But in some instances, we discovered the issue to have actually gone further, specifically when the setup was not done properly and subpar materials were used.

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Why Seek The Help of Professionals?
As seasoned professionals in bathroom repair and renovation, we have actually dealt with many cases and observed the damage that is caused by a leaky bathtub or shower tray. Typically, it’s very pricey if not fixed on time.

Although one can attempt and do a patch repair on it prior to the repairman arrives, it is recommended that you employ the aid of an expert.

Every situation is so variale, however after cautious assessment of the issue, our experts will be able to provide you with a convenient solution that will fix your dripping tub or tray for a long period of time to come.

It can become fairly tough to lay out ways to repair a leaky bathtub or shower tray step by step since the situations are so diverse.

However, what you can be guaranteed of when you call us in is that we will analyse the issue, provide you an accurate diagnosis, and then, based upon that, provide an option(s) that will rid you of the dripping issue for the longest time.

With our crew on your side, you can bid farewell to all your bath leakage problems. We cover your area of Bath BA1 5. Call us today to make your appointment on 0333 335 0384

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