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Bath Sealing

Maybe your silicone sealant (in some cases called mastic or caulk) or grout is past it’s best and you’ve decided to have it replaced. Possibly you are considering marketing your home to sell or maybe lease it, and want to ensure that prospective clients are not put off by mouldy silicone sealant and dirty grout around your shower tray or bath?

Leaking shower trays and baths can turn out to be pricey if the silicone sealant is not taken care of immediately. A leak can harm your living space below, your plasterboard and joists, even your electrics, permitting mould to take hold and harm your home

Possibly you have considered the DIY method (applying silicone sealant and getting an excellent looking leak free finish is challenging and time consuming) to replacing your silicone sealant and resealing your shower, but have deterred by the hassle or time restraints. Whatever the thinking, we are very delighted to be able to offer a premium silicone sealer and grout installation solution in your location. We are client focused and just utilise the best premium silicone sealers with mildew inhibitors. If you choose to utilise our services, we can ensure you that you will not be disappointed– feel free to take a look at our guarantee and reviews.

Leaking Silicone  or Black & Mouldy Bathtub Seal?
Spent many thousands on your shower  ?
Don’t let mouldy silicone sealer ruin it.
Badly applied silicone sealer spoils the look of any bathroom.
Professionally applied Silicone Sealant can actually give that finishing touch.
Does your Silicone Sealant have “The Seal of Approval”?!

We can eliminate your old mouldy silicone and change it with guaranteed new white silicone and make your bath look new again. We can stop any leaks and you will amazed at how much better your bathroom will look just by replacing your old bath tub seal.

What does it cost??
At our basic hourly rate expect this visit to be priced at around ₤ 80.

Products for this task are usually ₤ 15 and are included in the labour prices above.

We only utilise professional, mould resisting products.

Exactly what is included?
All the old silicone will need to be entirely eliminated, the surface area cleaned up and dried thoroughly and a new bead of silicone sealant applied.

The length of time needed?
It is the removing of the old sealant that takes the majority of the time, it is crucial that the old silicone is entirely gotten rid of and both surface areas are super clean and dry. This will ensure great sealing results. Expect resealing to take in between 1 to 2 hours (depending on location) for basic bath or shower enclosures.

Who provides the materials?
We will bring all the correct tools needed in addition to the silicone sealer.